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Yesterday, Sunday the 11th, I dragged myself out of bed at 6:00 so that I could meet up with our BTS Marathon team at Beit T’ Shuvah at 7:30. As soon as I started shuffling around the house my younger golden, April woke up and wanted to take a walk. While I was getting dressed she whined at the front door. Of course this awoke our older golden (all of three years old) Atticus and he came strolling in. grumble-whining and soon I was putting their halters on for a walk. AS I stepped out into the daylight I noticed how fabulous the weather was…cold yet fabulous.

We walked for about twenty minutes and they did their business without any incidents of barking at the old lady with the walker or the young orthodox couple who walk their small dog early. Then the three of us ate our breakfast. At around 7:15 I rolled up to Beit T’Shuvah and went inside to listen to the nutritionist speak about marathon training diets. It was actually quite informative and I especially like the part about eating a couple bagels for carbs. After that it was hit the hit the road time. I walked out front of the sanctuary to start and Rickie Gole came up to me to introduce herself We started to jog and talk as we started on what would be a 9.2 mile course from Culver City to Beverly Hills and back.(check out the ridiculous direction sheet I had to check the whole time I was running) It’s not like I don’t know the area but I wanted to follow the exact path so I did the right mileage. So Riclie and I talked for about a mile then she peeled off and went home (I assume) then I found myself running right behind Gini Holzman. As I caught up to her she stopped. I kept going and within a mile I didn’t see her anymore. I later found out she stopped early as well. Soon I was running all alone and I wondered where the hell everyone went. This was nothing like the R&R Marathon where thousands of people were running with me. As I passed Santa Monica and Doheny I had been running for at least twenty-five minutes alone. I was curious to see who would be at the water station. The next stretch was a mile or so of very familiar territory for me. These were the parks I ran around in when I was in grade school at Hawthorne elementary school. I was marveling at how much they were the same almost fifty years later. Within mintes Ryan Blivas and Craig Miller blew past me. They either started late or were lapping me. Either way it reminded me how slow my pace was. Even so I was conetnt with it because I wasn’t tired or in any pain when I reached the half-way point. A few of the team members were there like Stephanie Cullen our resident cheerleader and organizer and some other runners. A few team members who will remain nameless drove over. I started to talk with Lance one of our councilors and after a few minutes we took off together.

We spent the next three miles together running through Beverly Hills down past Roxbury Park into Beverlywood until he lost me going up a hill on Bagley. I hate when you have to run a hill after 8 miles! I slowed down in order to make it up the long incline to David Street but my legs were shot so I walked until I hit the crest of the hill, then I started to jog again. I made my way down Shenadoah to Cattaraugus and Regent streets. Finally I turned home on Vera and pick up my pace for a kick at the end thinking the team would all be gathered at the end. But only Justin and Gini were sitting at the steps. The waved as I pulled up and I realized I was probably the last person to finish because everyone was gone. However I took satisfaction that I wasn’t tired and I only half-fell down once on Doheny. My pride was a little ruffled by that but since no one saw I’m fine with it. However after running on a lot of sidewalks I realize how poorly maintained the sidewalks are. Cracked and bumped, raised areas that are uneven and tree roots that have made obstacle courses of our walkways. Someone (Mr. Villarogosa) should do something about this before a klutz like me falls on his face and injures himself.

And so ended my run. I went home, had another breakfast and promptly went to sleep for a couple hours.

Keep following my training and visit the Beit T Shuvah Marathon Team’s crowdrise page: http://www.crowdrise.com/TEAMBEITTSHUVAHLAMARATHON2013/fundraiser/BeitTshuvah