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I had this cartoon of a turkey I did for McGraw publishing that was never used, so I thought when Thanksgiving rolled around I’d press him into action for some purpose. Here’s what I’ve come up with.

I don’t want to seem like a shill for any one company but I had a thought to inform people this year that there is an alternative to turkey for Thanksgiving. Not that there’s anything wrong with eating turkey but for those who are opposed or don’t like turkey how about “Tofurkey”?

Tofurky® Holiday Products

“America’s Leading Turkey Alternative Since 1995”

Holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas in particular, can be a lonely time for vegetarians. For years, people who choose not to eat meat have been pretty much left out of the celebration with only side dishes to consume. In 1995, with the introduction of the first Tofurky Roast, all that changed.

Over the years it has been our great pleasure to watch Tofurky® become an integral part of worldwide vegetarian culture. By providing a delicious and convenient alternative to turkey, Tofurky® has brought peace to thousands of tables. Now everyone has something special to eat during celebrations of all kinds that were formally only the province of the carnivores. With its savory flavor and meat-like texture, Tofurky® sits front and center at any table wherever a vegetarian alternative is called for.

Now that’s their pitch. It hasn’t converted me but I do see value there so go to their site http://www.tofurky.com/tofurkyproducts/holiday_products.html and check it out. You may just like it.