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I’ve been a fan of Tony Robbins since 1991. In my toughest times I turned to his tapes and listen to them over and over and over until I knew them by heart. You see I was filled with negative thoughts about myself and what I had achieved or rather I should say what I had not achieved. Now this wasn’t because of my lack of work ethic or that I was a bad person, it was because I had made bad choices. I believed the messages my father gave to me which was I didn’t know anything and I’d never be a success. Mind you I had college two degrees, I had won numerous awards for my work and I had always tried to help others achieve what they wanted and I had many friends and acquaintances (most of whom liked me). But, I had bought into my father’s measure of success…money. Sound familiar? So when I started listening to Tony I started to see success was not just about money. I’d like to say then and there I turned my life around and found spirituality but it was a longer path for me because I hung onto the Money=Sucess even while trying to change my thinking. The two forces battled inside of me over the next two decades. Ups and downs, two failed marriages, health issues, loss of jobs, friends, money and my father started to shape me in the direction I wanted to go. I became more appreciative of life and what is really important and my life started to change and work better. I’m not there yet and probably will never be but I am beyond the money=success issue. And I am beyond the past equals the future. I believe now that you can change yourself and your beliefs and become something you and the rest of your community and world can be proud of. You can contribute and you can help others succeed. So I offer this tape of Tony Robbins speaking at the TED conference as a way to contribute to your success. It is worth the twenty or so minutes to watch it. I am proof that you can change and become a better you when you start to become aware of what you can do to facilitate that. It’s my hope that Tony’s talk can help inspire you as it did me and that you can achieve everything you want. Happy Holidays from Illustrators Journal.