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“The healots are coming! The healots are coming!” So said Walter Brennan in Frank Capra’s wonderful movie John Doe with Gary Cooper and my very favorite actress Barbara Stanwyck. In it Cooper plays a ballplayer-turned-hobo , who’ll do anything for three squares and a place to sleep. When newspaper publisher D.B. Norton (Edward Arnold), a fascistic type with presidential aspirations, decides to use Doe (Cooper) as his ticket to the White House, he puts Doe on the radio to deliver inspirational speeches to the masses — ghost-written by Mitchell (Stanwyck), who, it is implied, has become the publisher’s mistress. So when Brennan, who is Cooper’s hobo traveling partner talks about healots he’s talking about Norton and their followers, warning Cooper that he is now part of the corruption.

Ok so what has that got to do with those who would rail against technology taking over our lives, corrupting our souls and burning our brain cells up at a rapid rate? Here’s the take away. If you truly are against progress especially regarding electronic devices then throw away your cell phone and your computer and move out into the woods. Going backwards is not going to make our quality of life better, it’s more about monitoring your usage of abuses of technology. Every now and then step away from the devices and take a walk. gain some balance.

But what about the children?…they will never know what it’s like to hike and fish and smell the wafting smell of azaleas. Horse pucky as one of my teachers used to say. Our kids are smarter, better educated and move at faster rates then we do so they can do more than we ever did. That means they do both and are adept at each. They time manage better than we did because they have to. It’s progress baby! So you can rail against technology and look like the character in the cartoon above or you can pick up the cell phone and see who’s on the line!