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These words from deepak really resonate with me. You know that feeling you have when you come up with an idea that is seemingly a great idea for the future but you fail to act on it because you don’t believe enough in yourself or it seems slightly foolish. There are some some people who act on these ideas; Steven Jobs, Gates, Donald Trump, George Lucas, on and on. They move forward despite their fears and concerns ready to take on all comers as they pursue their vision. In a small way I’ve pushed myself into this frame of mine even though it has had adverse effects on my relationships, my financial status sometimes my health. What’s important is being the person I’ve envisioned for myself. At the same time I know now that I need to balance things. We all do. It’s important for all of us to envision the future for ourselves and if most of us can pull together a positive version of ourselves functioning at high levels giving and helping others supporting our families and our friends the world may evolve towards a better future for all of us.  It can happen