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NUDE #3A I’m going to pose this question to my audience out there because i’m at a loss for why people visit my site. Here’s my dilemma. For three weeks I was getting some of the lowest visit numbers to the site in over a year. I couldn’t figure out why. Were you all bored? Is something else more interesting than this site (I know that’s a dumb question) Point is I thought well it’s run it’s course, no one gives a shit about the journal perhaps I should let it die. Move on to another project. Then out of nowhere last wednesday I have the most visits to the site ever. When I looked at why people were coming (excuse the pun) it was Moxie. The pictures of her were sucking people in like a black hole of erotica. The next day was the same and then it started to tail off. Oddly enough many of the views came from Spain, France and Turkey. So it got to thinking about this phenomena and I wrote a blog about porn or art and posted a picture of Moxie. Didn’t draw flies but it did cause some twitter action which eventually got to Moxie and she called me. She wanted me to take the picture I posted of her with the article down. She thought the subject was played out and she wanted no association with it. So I took it down even though I found it odd she protested about that and not other areas of her exposure on the net.

So I ask myself why do people flock to pictures of her or the tag suicide girl. What are they expecting? Or is it the name Moxie? Am I missing something here. Does that name say something erotic to people out there? Are there multiple Moxies? And does the name Moxie when mixed with Suicide girls mean something altogether different? I don’t get it. Personally I don’t see the attraction and having spent an afternoon with Moxie shooting her there was nothing very exciting about it. Now it’s possible I feel this way because I’m happily partnered with a woman who means everything to me. I love her style and grace and I’m extremely happy she’s modest along the lines of an Audrey Hepburn. But Moxie is voluptuous, she has electric red hair and she’s brazilian (waxed). Nah, I’ll take grace and class you guys can have the suicide girls and the Moxies.

Anyhow I’d love to know what the deal is so I can produce more imagery that will stimulate visits. And then maybe then I can monetize this site and sell artwork, photos etc. So lay it on me what do you think about all this?