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Yesterday at 5:30 I woke up and started preparing for my big LA Marathon Day. I was going to run the second half of the run starting at 9:00 so I had time to take some pictures of the early morning activities. My first stop was the ten mile marker in Little Armenia in Los Angeles. When I arrived there were two cops and that’s it. I started taking pictures of the surroundings and then I waited for the first participants to show up. Somewhere around 8:00am they wheel chair racers showed up and it was an awesome sight. They were geared up in sleek outfits and helmets and their chairs were streamline and sleek. Soon after the first female marathoners led by Aleksandra Duliba, showed up and they sprinted past me so fast I could barely get off my shots. Then after a little while I saw the camera trucks and the police escort to the male leaders and it was a sight to behold. There was Erik Mose and Julius Keter gliding thru the streets. They moved in a pack graceful and elegant like a giant gazelle. They thundered by me and I managed to get some great shots. If you never seen that sight I highly advise it. It’s rare to see elite athletes so close to you as they do their thing.

531669_501072509928640_1826047774_nAfter that I sped over to Hollywood and Vine and took some more shots (which I’ll post tomorrow) Finally I headed towards the exchange point for the half-marathon., I put on my geared and got ready. My team co-ordinators were there as well as my BTS staff members. I was pumped to start so at around 9:30 I took off from Orange Grove and Sunset on my way to the finish line in Santa Monica. Tomorrow I’ll write some more about my run.Until then enjoy this first batch of shots









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