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graffitti on buildingThis incredible piece of art is one of many building pieces you can find in downtown LA. The area they live in is lit up by the energy and colors in these works and I for one love it. Graffiti artists are and can be very talented and their messaging poignant and relevant. Is it any different that painting a fresco or the Sistine Chapel? I’m sure Michelangelo would dig what’s going on now. The freedom to express yourself without the confines of the Pope giving his approval. Gimme a break! But wait…the one caveat I have about graffiti is when it’s tagging over other artist’s work. Like the 1984 Olympic artwork in Los Angeles that got destroyed because some individuals thought their initials were more important than the art it defaced. Or the various pieces of architecture that are obliterated by some non-thinking person who feels he must “express his ego” by covering beauty. How do you all feel about this issue? It exists in every city in our nation if not the world. Should we just stand by and let the taggers go about their business or should we do something more about it? Let me know