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resized_150x171_jaclin I first met Jaclin through my staff photographer Justin Rosenberg. She’s so young and innocent looking I found it hard to believe she was in a rehab recovering from a heroin addiction. I later learned she was a photographer and a runner on our marathon team. I interviewed and hired her as part of our staff at BTS Communications a month ago and she’s a great team member. Here’s a spot light story about Jaclin from the Beit T’Shuvah newsletter.

To some, photography can be described simply by point, focus, and shoot. Others see it as an art form like BTS Communications’ photography intern Jaclin Miller. She may be one of the newest interns at BTS and you could call her a “greenhorn,” but this rookie has plenty of life experience to use to her advantage. Overcoming addiction, this 23 year old is changing her life thanks to help she has received at Beit T’Shuvah.

Hailing from Venice Beach, California, Jaclin and her sister grew up in two separate households. Living in a broken family, she was often put in the middle of her parents bickering and arguments. It wasn’t till high school that she began experimenting with different drugs. Eventually she found a solution to her problems in heroin, but after being abused—the solution became the problem. That was enough for Jaclin to put her destructive lifestyle aside and seek help from Beit T’Shuvah.

Jaclin entered the doorways of Beit T’Shuvah in a haze, unaware of what was to come. At first Jaclin was skeptical of the help that Beit T’Shuvah could offer her. Accustomed to having her freedom, she was shocked to have it stripped away when she moved in. Still, she was excited to start her new life. After getting over the withdrawals from her heroin use, she dove head first into the program with open-mindedness and honesty.

Looking toward the future, Jaclin is now grateful to be in recovery. She has come to appreciate the time spent with her community and does not take anything for granted. Coming up on five months of sobriety, Jaclin has wasted no time working on her program and is already on the 5th step. In addition to her honesty, she has learned how to be more compassionate toward her peers and take accountability for her actions. This past St. Patrick’s Day, Jaclin participated in the LA Marathon and has learned to follow through on commitments.

With the support of her family, Jaclin feels like she can do anything. Already proven to be a natural with a camera in her hands, she plans on furthering her education this fall at West LA Community College to earn her CAADAC and study Psychology. She plans on taking her passion for photography and incorporating it with psychology. “I feel like when people take photos it’s a healthy way to express their feelings,” says Jaclin. “It’s awesome when you take a photo that people can appreciate.” With the lessons she has learned and the goals she’s made, Jaclin seems well on her way to establishing a promising career.