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SEVERED VOCALS Here’s situation we’ve all been in no matter what age we are. The more I speak with elderly people the more I marvel at how the wrinkles and crinkles in their faces tell a story of what they’ve seen and who they are. I like seeing normal aging faces, however I come from a world and business where people desperately want to hide from them. I’m talking Hollywood. One only has to look at Joan Rivers or kenny Rogers to see what can happen when you go too far. You end up being someone else. And whether that’s a better looking version or not you lose the characteristics that attracted people to you in the first place. Friends and family have to adjust to a new person. It’s just not fair.

Place on top of that the obsession of our youth culture to appear young and vital at all costs and you have a strange brew of circumstances that can lead to distressing results. So why not poke fun? Youth wants age to tighten up the wrinkles and “cold sculpt” away the fat and age wants youth to experience some of the rough and tumble events so they can get a view of what life is really all about. My father,rest his soul, used to say to me “you know nothing about the real world” and I argued that point with him on a daily basis. Now many years later I realize he was right, I didn’t know much about the real world. Now after years of a rollercoaster life I do and I am sure of one thing, trying to recapture your youth in anyway is folly. Accept and embrace the lines and the drooping body because we are more than that. Much more.