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For the last week I’ve walked past by the Skate Bowl at the US Open where the skaters and BMX riders have been performing and paid it little mind. But, I kept hearing cheers and whoops so I checked it out. The first thing I noticed as I reached the second deck of the bowl structure was there was food and drinks and a leisure area to hang out in. Far different from the media area I was assigned to. That was my first hint that something was going on with these sports that I had no idea about. I pushed onto the deck where the athletes were practicing and immediately noticed bikes flying and soaring. So I found a great spot pulled out my camera, put on a wide angle lens and started shooting. Look, I love surfing but if you want to see non-stop incredible action BMX is something to behold. Here are some of the better results of my shooting.

cut offs.lr_9860

dropping in.lr




yellow star_9881.lr