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hi there_1561.bwThe other day I had the pleasure of meeting with Linda Michaels at the Starbucks in Del Mar. My good friend Lynn Moon (Art for Barks) suggested I get together with Linda thinking that she might be able to add some valuable assistance to my “Park Dog” book. And after meeting with Linda I couldn’t agree more. The book is evolving into something more than just a photo book of my best dog photographs, it is heading the direction of illustrating what the behaviors seen in the photos are and how we best friend owners can recognize them when we take out dogs out. As Linda mentioned to me dogs communicate much differently than we do. Oft times humans communicate with their dogs with words when the actual communication is more tonal and attributed to the physicality of the direction. We had a talk about how dogs understand hand directions better than voice directions (hope I got that right Linda).
THE BITE.LR_1435 This is something I experienced first hand with my previous Golden retriever Sebastian who was trained to follow hands signals. I could signal him from a hundred feet away and he’d respond. Circling back I am working with linda over the next few months to add content and possibly shoot more dogs in action looking for certain behaviors to show in the book. At the same time I’m busy setting up a non-profit ask for the book that will benefit Lynn Moon’s Art For Barks organization. I’m planning to roll all this out sometime in the first part of next year. In the meantime check out Linda and Lynn if you’re a supporter of giving dogs a fair chance at a great life. Both of them are dedicated to helping our furry friends and paying back the unfiltered kindness we receive from them,