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IMG_6945_22_35 Few things excite me about running in a crowd of 300,000 Angelenos,(The last time was the Marathon back in March of ’13) but the 2 mile color bomb run coming up this Saturday at Dodger stadium does. For an artist/athlete to run with a camera amongst color-bombed runners on what promises to be a beautiful sunny day it is heaven on earth. This is the first event of this kind I’ve done and I am pumped. The first inkling I had of this kind of event was some pictures I saw in a magazine like National Geographic involving people in India. Stay tuned I’ll have plenty of awesome pictures that I’ll post after the event and if you are around drop into the stadium and get “colored”!

The Color Bomb is the brightest run event you’ve ever seen! From first time participants, professional athletes to celebrities, Color Bomb is the runner’s choice for fun-run events. It’s not just the zany costumes, eccentric characters, and fun-loving vibe that makes this race a must for runners from every corner of the globe it’s the GLOW of Color Bomb! Color Bombers are sprayed with Neon Glow Color in specific areas. They take off and walk, run and even dance through various levels where they come in contact with the Bomb Squad. The run will cover nearly 2 miles of pure fun. At each level your white clothes are covered in a different color