LA GRAFFIITI Today started out as a day I thought I’d be taking pictures of the Color Bomb Run at Elysian Park in Los Angeles. I left my house at 8:00 AM this morning and headed for Dodger stadium where the runners were supposed to gather. I got there quick.There wasn’t any traffic which had me confused but I ventured on. When I got to the stadium no one was there. I parked my car and walked around. (The full walk was around 2 miles which I figured could be an early morning workout) I finally approached some other confused people and asked if they knew where the run was. They didn’t know. I turned to my iPhone and the net to check if I had the place and day right. I did. Then I saw the same person I had asked before signaling me over to her car. “They cancelled it”, she said. That of course explained no crowds or parking problems. Ok, I thought I’m downtown why not do something creative. I remembered I had always wanted to go back to the 2nd street graffiti area where I had shot models last year. IMG_0297.lrThe art on the building was amazing and I wanted to take more than I had. So off I went to downtown specifically 2nd and Tracton area. As I walked around I realized the parking lot I shot in with the graffiti mural was now part of a new building project and soon it would be gone. As I walked around and saw the graffiti covered buildings IMG_0312.lrI realized the vibe of this area was depicted on the walls and it was a vital part of the area. To push it aside to build a new business center or condos would destroy the living street gallery that now exists. Unfortunately that’s progress. Shooting the walls and focusing in on certain parts of it is the only way to preserve it. So I started shooting. What I quickly noticed was the intricacies within each piece. Everything depicted means something. My hope is my act of cropping and framing the art actually adds to it and creates art itself. In my mind there’s no difference between Ansel Adams shooting nature and creating his own art out of mother nature’s beauty and me shooting human artwork depicted on the walls of older buildings in downtown LA.