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weird pencilI just came back from the Los Angeles Convention after seeing the Art Show. red dragonThere was plenty of what you’d expect to be there; crap art, unimaginative decorator art and boring art and photography, but that wasn’t all…

There were some brilliant pieces of cutting edge art and little gems of paintings that could easily hang in museums. Overall, I really enjoyed walking the halls with my good friend “Coach” Steve Abrams the CEO of Sober Vacations. It was reassuring to me that art I could relate to and that was similar to the art I’ve been working on for the last year was selling (or at least price at) $5000-$10,000. It gives me hope for the future.

superman.cjackOne of the signature pieces in the hallway was a Superman type sculpture done by renown sculptor Cindy Jackson who was also my teacher for 3 years. The piece seen here was spectacular. As luck would have it Cindy was in the area when Steve and I walked by. We shared a hug and a laugh and I promised to call her soon which I intend to so that I can feature her and the work she does in the upcoming issue of “The Illustrators Journal.

If you’re in LA I highly suggest you get over to the show and check it out. You won’t be sorry.