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IJ.5.MAG.LAYOUT.alt-1 After a long absence the Illustrators Journal is back. The design is new, the vibe is new and in this “best of” issue you will see and read some of our best pieces of the past year and a half as well. There is an interview with the Journal’s newest member and very talented illustrator/writer, Mary Longshore. And a second interview where Mary talks with well-known gaming artist Jon Wong Park. Both interviews sport great illustrations as well.
Finally the Journal previews it’s new photography section, LPIK. This sneak peek sports the photography of the publisher, Lon Levin, to show what future issues will look like. Interviews and articles are being lined up now to fill out the LPIK section of The IJ’s Spring issue.

As always please comment and let us know what you think and suggest things you’d like too see and read.

Click on the image or use this link to see the new issuehttp://issuu.com/lonlevin/docs/ij.5.mag.layout.alt