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I love that line. It’s the words from Craig Ferguson’s Late Night TV Show theme song. I find it intriguing and it gets me thinking about how far technology has advanced in the last twenty-five years.

To illustrate this point, I had a “wow” moment one day in 1989, when I walked into Graham Nash’s home studio(Crosby Stills and Nash) and saw him working on a MAC Classic with a color monitor. I felt like a caveman who just witnessed fire for the first time. I immediately put a second mortgage on my home in order to buy a fully outfitted 80 MB Mac Classic with a 20MB syquest drive, an Electrahome monitor (which weighed a ton), a black and white laser printer and an $8000 Howtek scanner. I recently saw some of those items in the Smithsonian Museum. Within a year or so that equipment was outdated and another year or two made it worthless. But I was ahead of the curve and I was hooked for life. My next buy was much cheaper and far more effective and powerful. Now the same power can be found in a cheap phone and the screen resolution is far better. The prices have dropped to levels that anyone can afford.Today I am as comfortable using new media and the power of the internet as I am breathing. My life has been enriched beyond what I could’ve ever imagined. Anyone who hasn’t kept up with the amazing advances in technology is really missing something that’s exciting. Being a “Techie” so to speak is probably the best way to keep yourself relevant and informed. And you just might have a ball doing it.

So how does that relate to being an artist or getting work as an illustrator? Branding, social media marketing baby! You are your own marketing and advertising firm. Write the copy, create the visual, do the PR, shoot the video, and post it all to a list you acquired from Agency Access.  Well does that work? Will  get a job if I do that? The answer is who knows, but it won’t hurt. You can save a lot of money by learning these easy methods of promoting yourself and you can monitor it and analyze the data.

It is easier today to contact people who make decisions than it ever has been and with a little calling around to people who have opened your Mailchimp promo you will start to penetrate the market and find out if you have the juice you need to get jobs or if you need to hone your skills a little more. Don’t stay put and don’t stay in the dark, Your greatest chance to be a success is to become a Techie. Learn all you can about the apps and programs design to help you, then start peppering the Gatekeepers with your work. Jack down some coffee then start calling them one by one  and you may get lucky!