The Illustrators Journal

I work with recovering addicts every day. Some of them are incredibly creative, brilliant and accountable…some are not. Some seem like they have it all together reaching years of sobriety and creative heights only to disappoint us all by relapsing destroying everything they’ve work so hard to build. It’s both heartbreaking and infuriating.
I do not have any addictions to drugs or alcohol but I have made bad choices over the years which I ended up paying dearly for. So I understand when one of my staff goes rogue. Not Sarah Palin rogue…criminal rogue. This week one of our top creatives suffered  a relapse that shook everyone. It caused me concern because I thought members of our staff may be adversely affected. And to be honest some were very upset. But none checked out. We discussed it for a couple hours then we all pulled together and got back to…

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