Gr8 stuff. Different styles of robots

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Steamnocihio Steamnocchio robot by Fabricio-Moraes

After cruising the net and searching for various robo-artist I found these 5 images. What I really like about the robot as a vehicle for art (no pun intended) is it ignites the fascination of both the artist and the viewer. I featured Steamnochio because it’s such a cool way of reworking the Pinnochio story and you literally can think the story out in a few minutes all from one painting. Kudos to Señore Moraes.

Thee other five pieces here were executed by Metalex, Fabio Ragonha, Daniel Arnold Mist and Udom Ruangaisiporn. All five of thees robots are different but they are all part of the found object, old school robot look emanated out of the 50’s-60’s innocent robot look. Somehow the artistes have humanized these mechanical humanoids and embed them with heart and soul. A far cry from the robotic transformers or Power Ranger “changebots”…

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