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Last night the Jewish Community Foundation celebrated the 25th anniversary of it’s CEO Marvin Schotland’s tenure and the Foundation’s 60th year of existence. It was my great honor and pleasure to help create a visual biography of Marvin’s life with my Storygrams™ partner Elie Gindi. Storygrams is a new venture we’ve put together to honor and celebrate individual’s lives visually.
The look and feel of a storygram is similar in nature to a storyboard or a graphic novel highlighting pivotal moments in a person’s life or a corporation’s existence. The artwork and prose are incorporated into a perfect bound booklet and an online PDF and is well-suited to use as a tribute book or an honor to parents, husbands, wives, etc. Below are some of the images I created for Marvin’s book.

Storygrams is now open for business so-to-speak, so anyone who has interest please go to http://www.storygrams.co (not .com) and check us out.