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e17679939e7bf20037b9d11a13fa9869I couldn’t sleep this morning so I got up and surfed the net and came to a site run by an illustrator named Olusola Akinseye who hails from Nigeria. Interested I look at his work and was struck by the cultural differences as well as the similarities to my work in the children’s area. As I probed further I found that Olusola had illustrated a presentation for Ebola Exposed! It is a free illustrated publication commissioned in the wake of the West Africa Ebola outbreak.

The goal of the booklet is to provide basic information about the Ebola Virus Disease using colorful cartoon illustrations. According to Olusola the initial awareness is cooling off but sadly there is still need for care and concern. So I’m passing this info along because it literally illustrates something important to everyone in a clever and inviting way. Check out the Eboloa Exposed

In addition check out Olusola’s art on Behance. Look art cuts across countries like a hot knife thru butter. The look might be different, the colors may take on different combinations and the content may be regional but the creativity behind the art is the same. We artists are all trying to use our visions to illustrate our point-of-view about the world around us. Check out this terrific piece of art below created by Olusola.1