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On Sunday Havi and I and our two dogs Atticus and April Snow went out to see my friend Rhonda Kap-Volotsky and her husband Alisha. I didn’t know much about their work except that Rhonda works in metal and Alisha is a glass artist. When we drove up to their home we saw all sorts of artistic touches bordering a traditional style ranch house. As we drove into the driveway we could see their studio and the two artists puttering around the converted garage. WE unloaded the dogs and exchanged greetings. AS I looked around I saw more tools hanging on the wall than at the local Home depot. 32-Surf-Board-Detail-L

After a short get together which featured Turkish coffee and some dried orange peels and walnuts we were taken to the studio upstairs from the garage floor. Both artists works were featured. Rhonda’s organic and delicate copper work and Alisha’s beautiful, majestic sandblasted glass sculpture and furniture filled the space. It was most impressive. Both artists were warm and friendly and very humble. They’ve been attending art shows for years all over the country establishing their brand. Alisha’s work can be found at this link or http://youtu.be/LU-OleBkx10