Find your own meaning in this art called “Different hands” inspired by the work of now 10 year old Alexis Chavez

The Illustrators Journal

ROBOTREEI came across a wonderful little drawing entilted “Different Hands” done by 8 year old Alexis Chavez. She’s the daughter of Martin Chavez, our senior account guy  at BTS Communications. I asked Martin if I could use the sketch as the basis of a piece of artwork I wanted to do. He got approval from Alexis and I went to work. Mind you her sketch was perfect as is. I wanted to elaborate because it spoke to me in a way I couldn’t articulate other than to create this art. Once the art was done I realized it held great symbolism for me. Things like the past giving birth to the future and is progress a good thing or are we becoming less human as we move forward…etc.

So I’m posting it and I am at the same time thanking Martin and Alexis for letting me expound on her wonderful…

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