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Today Havi and I attended Woofstock at Roxbury Park in Beverly Hills. We took our two Goldens, Atticus and April Snow and met our friends Phyllis and Frank and their dog Harry. There were all types of dogs and owners there as well as plenty of dogs and puppies needing homes. The weather was terrific and the vibe was great. One of the booths we stopped at was Pet Orphans of Southern California They are out in the SF Vally and are performing a great services for our furry friends. In the booth as well was super photographer Suzanne Allison who put together a marvelous book called Gimme Shelter.The book features Suzanne’s great photography of celebrities and their pets.

  • A four year labor of love the book not only contains beautiful photos of celebrities and their pets it will also feature friends, family, neighbors and anyone who shares or has shared the experience of loving a pet. It also includes some heartwarming stories and facts about taking care of animals. 
    Suzanne Allison has had a camera in her hands since she was 13 years old. Her outstanding work in concert 11025661_800137693405659_5526552612634767151_nphotography speaks for itself, but her real gift is capturing touching moments with people and their pets. Suzanne believes that these beautiful creatures are the real stars of “Gimme Shelter”. “The greatest accomplishment we can achieve with this book will be opening peoples eyes to the overwhelming numbers of pets that are abandoned and how it IS possible to greatly reduce the number of dogs and cats in shelters by doing THREE things…. SPAY, NEUTER, MICROCHIP…. educate your children. Teach them that pets are not toys. They are to be treated kindly with respect and love… Give love, Get love… pretty simple.”
    To learn more about how you can help out go to Suzanne’s Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/GimmeShelterXO/timeline
    …and if you want to see killer photography go to http://suzanneallison.com/suzanneallison.html and check out Suzanne’s work