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By Lon Levin

knights fighting on horsebackSPOTLIGHT ON NC WYETH

When I was a young kid reading King Arthur and other books illusterated by NC Wyeth I had no idea who he was. All I knew was his paintings made the words in the book come to life. My experience of those books were dictated by his incredible artwork. As I read the words in the story his images came to life and the imagery danced in my brain making the reading whiz by as if the words weren’t even there. When someone’s artwork does that to you you know he’s communicating on a level most illustrators never get. So it’s appropriate that the initial illustrator featured here at the Illustrators Journal blog would be Wyeth.This picture of Wyeth was taken around 1903 in his studio. The robust confidence of Wyeth comes across in this artist pose.

N.C. Wyeth was born…

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