A three-day old baby elephant strolls arA month of so ago I saw that the SoCal branch of SCBWI was holding a conference and had an illustration contest. I hadn’t entered a contest in years but since I ws working on some art for a book my daughter and I were putting together I thought I’ll kill two birds with one stone. So I came up with the art above for the catch phrase “Don’t Bring Lulu” I showed this to my daughter who was captivated and insisted I do hudson-leaps-over-stump-toomore using her kids as models. So the next illustration I did was of her youngest Olive. All the while keeping in mind that I needed to update and alter my “style” to something more salable. I started by looking thru Olive’s favorite possessions  and came up with the Tiara with a big glittering star. From there I decided to render Olive riding Lulu after both of them put on their best jewelry. Next I started work on Hudson, Olive’s fraternal twin brother. I knew he was into Star Wars and Spiderman and he was a very active kid so I created an action scenario for him wearing his own “ecological” superhero outfit.

All the while I was conscious of altering my way of illustrating by changing eye size, eliminating outlines and simplifying my way of doing that so that I could work fast, efficiently and come up with great “salable” imagery. Because after all this is a business. I first made sketches scan them into my computer then illustrated them in photoshop. I created my own brushes for hair, skin and shrubbery. At this point in the process I keep thinking there’s a story here, however I don’t know what it is. But I did come up with a working title. Lucy the Lavender Elephant. I have much work to do, and I’m hoping the story evolves but in the meantime I am enjoying the process of creating imagery especially something I can frame and give to my grandchildren as presents to remember me by.


So the never-ending quest is to strive for your goal and meet it the best you can. And if you do meet it, then set a new goal. All else should fall into place. I’ll keep you all updated on that end.