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It’s funny how things seem to fall into place for us at the Journal. After a period of dormancy (is that a word?) the election of our new president stirred up emotions in me that I had long since not paid attention to. It started with the campaign season. As my wife and I watched in total disbelief Donald Trump dismantled and destroyed any semblance of normalcy in the primaries. This started an intense daily conversation between Havi (my wife) and me. “He’ll never get elected” “This is a joke” “How can he get away with this?” and so forth. Then came the election and the realization that this was not a joke and we would be living under the administration of a malignant narcissist.

Soon our conversations and talks turned into what can we do? Long story short, the revival of TIJ became very appealing on various levels. I could create new art, we could voice our displeasure thru a new character “Arnold Grump” and finally and most importantly we could cover artists who are giving their voice to their feelings. Hence the video above.

We are reaching out to various artists (some in the video) to be included in the next issue of the TIJ along with others. We will continue to move forward with our eyes on how we can be a voice for artists and their works.

It’s our firm belief that now more than ever artists of all types need to chime in on the state of our country and the world. To fight back against those forces that would quiet us. Even as I write the government is cutting off vital programs for artists and children that would benefit us all as a society. There is precedent for all this and it doesn’t have a happy ending if we don’t stand up and be counted.

So continue to do your work whether it’s a kid lit book about immigration to the US and it’s affect on children or artwork that shows the on the ground consequences of our military action in foreign countries. Make your work have purpose.