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I’ve been listening to inspirational and educational info all day. Not about art or illustration but about real estate. Whoa, back up, yes I’m a real estate agent. I actually split my time between art and business. However, and this is important, I am an artist first. The real estate came after my career as an art director/creative director. I first invested in renovating houses, then I got my license because I wanted to have a business that wasn’t age sensitive. I still spend a lot of my time creating as evidence shows above in an illustration I created for Lucy: The Lavender Elephant

Anyways, I’ve been listening to Peter Lorimer of PLG Estates in Los Angeles talking about social media and how it helps drive branding and business. Peter comes from the music business and entered real estate 12 years ago. He is very successful now. So how does this relate to me and you as artists?

It relates because we are all in business whether it’s as an artist or a real estate agent. And social media is a vehicle that anyone can use to generate business leads and brand themselves. The key is what you’re posting and how consistently you post. What you shouldn’t do is expect instant return on your time investment. Hence Post &Repeat, Post &Repeat, Post &Repeat. Tweak along the way, sculpt your message to fit your vision but don’t worry about the outcome right away. If your vision is unique enough and peaks interest business will come.

Now I say this as I’m trying to generate business myself. I’m speaking to you out there but I am also to speaking to myself. We’re relaunching the Illustrators Journal and our art business and will try and improve it each time we approach a story or an article. It’s for us as much as it is for you. Keep up the good work and never, never , never give up the dream. and we won’t either