The Best of The Illustrators Journal 2019

The Best Interviews of 2019

We are so inspired by the 8 illustrators highlighted in this issue of our online publications. We could’ve included many more but these stood out for various reasons. Veteran illustrators Wendy Edelson, Rhonda Voo and Bruno Mallart gave us much to think about and much to be captivated by in their interviews and artwork. Master Street artist and muralist  Chor Boogie shared his fresh take on “Modern Hierglyphics and giving back to the community. His artwork adorns many buildings in Northern California and they are inspiring and beautiful to see as is his commitment to teach underprivileged kids. Younger artists Julie Mellan and Julia Sideva are part of an kidlit international art movement this is clever, inventive and colorful. Their backgrounds ad thoughts are inspiring to other illustrators just starting out. And finally last but not least is writer/poet/cartoonist Rolli. When he’s not consuming ten plus cups of coffee a day he’s busy creating absurdist and ingenious artwork and poems. We truly appreciate each and everyone of their contributions to our growing publications.