We Should be Content To Eat Nuts

So says David Bowie in this short yet insightful video interview with Charlie Rose.

Whether I get to talk with or interview great talents I am always delighted to hear how normal they think. Perhaps there are a few exceptions but most are clear in their communication and some like Bowie are actually fairly humorous in their takes.

Our need to communicate has always been there since cave drawings first appeared.I believe these first stabs at communicating something beyond speech probably occurred as the expression of ideas surpassed talking. Visual representation or sounds offered a different way to get across ideas. It does take some mind-power to create unique and entertaining communication. Bowie was master at this who created his own stage and played all the parts his imagination allowed him to express. We who admired him are the beneficiaries of his talent.

So when he says we don’t really needs all this extra stuff we just need to create a home, family life and put food on the table he is right but what would our lives be like without the genius of a Bowie, Steve Jobs, Walt Disney, Albert Einstein?

So I’m not connect to eat just nuts. I want more, much much more.