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This is the digital home of the ‘Illustrators Journal’ (dot) com, a place where you can  see great art, photography and read insights of the proprietor for those interested in the art of illustration, animation and creative expression through narrative design.

I’m looking forward to keeping you updated on the art of illustration and my experience on the road to meeting my expectations and  goals for the future

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Will Human Artists Become Obselete?


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TWO STUPID ROBOTSNo is my answer. Even if a robot can be fed data that will turn out any kind of artwork style i.e.: a Picasso, Rembrandt, Warhol is that what we want? Is commerce more important than someone expressing themselves uniquely. Oh I’m sure a robot with artificial intelligence one day will argue they have souls too but I would hate to see the dystopian future that will create. Glad I won’t be around. Here an interesting article about “Robot art”



Laura Carlin : Children’s Book Illustrator


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In an effort to find and spotlight the finest and most innovative children’s book artwork, the Illustrator’s Journal will bring to our readers the IJ Children’s Book Spotlight. 

Presented here is the artwork of Laura Carlin.


Laura lives and works in London. She graduated from Buckinghamshire University and the Royal College of Art, where she received a Masters and won the Quentin Blake Award. During her MA she was also awarded the Uniqlo Fashion Illustration Award, which enabled her to travel to Shanghai and Tokyo. The drawings from her Tokyo trip were published in a book entitled Ten Days in Tokyo.

Laura has illustrated many children’s books for Walker Books, including The Iron Man by Ted Hughes, winning a V&A Award and an honourable mention in the Bologna Ragazzi Award. In November 2014 another Walker Books title illustrated by Laura ‘The Promise’ was selected by The New York Times as the best illustrated title of 2014. For The Folio Society Laura has illustrated four collections of Anton Chekov stories and Le Grand Meaulnes by Alain Fournier. She illustrates a weekly column in the Financial Times as well as being a regular contributor to Condé Nast Traveller, The New York Times, The Guardian and The New Statesman. She has worked on advertising campaigns for American Express and British Airways as well an identity for The Dorchester’s Coworth Park Hotel.

laura-carlin-page-23In addition to her commercial work, Laura currently works with Quentin Blake in advisory role for the development of the House of Illustration.

Laura has been voted, by the Art Director’s Club of America an ADC Young Gun, one of the 50 most influential creatives under 30 years of age.

Alongside her illustration career, Laura also works as a ceramist. Her work is for sale at The New Craftsman and Yorkshire Sculpture Park as well at privately hosted sales.

In October 2014 her book A World of Your Own was published by Phaidon, her first work as an author. Using a gentle chronological narrative of one day, the book encourages looking, drawing and making – initially from life and then from imagination.

For more info or to hire Laura click here http://www.lauracarlin.com

Finding Winnie illustrator Sophie Blackall wins 2016 Caldecott Medal


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As part of the Illustrators Journal efforts to increase our footprint we’re going to cover and write about artists who we feel are relevant and current.

Sophie Blackall fits that mold and so here’s some of her very beautiful and sensitive artwork and a recent article about her Caldecott win.

Sophie Blackall Artwork

Tuesday, January 12, 2016 | 0

finding-winnie-blackall.jpgSophie Blackall illustrated Finding Winnie, written by Toronto author Lindsay Mattick. (HarperCollinsCanada Ltd.).

New York-based illustrator Sophie Blackall has won the 2016 Caldecott Medal – America’s most prestigious prize for children’s illustration – for her artwork in Finding Winniewritten by Toronto’s Lindsay Mattick.The book tells the true Canadian story of Winnipeg, the black bear from Ontario who became a mascot for soldiers during World War I and later inspired author A.A. Milne’s most beloved character, Winnie-the-Pooh.”Children will be enchanted by Winnie’s journey from the forests of Canada to the pages of the Hundred Acre Wood. Blackall offers a tour-de-force of visual storytelling,” said Caldecott Medal Committee Chair Rachel G. Payne in a press release.Edwin Speaks Up children's book

One of the best picture-book artists working today, Blackall offers winsome art that is interesting in its use of perspective, perceptive in its depiction of family dynamics, and just plain adorable in its effort to make ferrets fetching. (Not always an easy task.) Parents and children will agree, this is a book that’s clever in every sense of the word: skillful, original, and witty. —Booklist (starred review)

Saturday at El Matador Beach

During the winter a day at the beach seems like a dream away…

The Illustrators Journal

I spent yesterday at El Matador Beach in Malibu shooting two models with a group of photographers. I art directed many shoots with actors, actresses and models but I’ve never shot one. This is part of my expansion into photography. Aside from some technical gaps I felt pretty comfortable moving the models around. I didn’t have a reflector so I shot fill with the flash that comes with my canon T2i. I also shot raw files which later on had far more information that I’m used to. All in all it went great and I set up the first gallery of shots under my photography tab above. here’s the link https://illustratorsjournal.wordpress.com/lon-levin-photography/el-matador-state-beach-shoot/

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IJ’s 800th Post!


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Journey On


The route you take in life is yours and yours alone. You are responsible for its outcome. Approaching the new year reflect on the path and decide if you’ve done enough to become the best person you can be. This is a photo of the spot I start my 6 mile run every week. Each time I approach it I know this is not just a path to perform some exercise it is symbolic of my will to continue the journey and try my best to perform at a high level.

Below are powerful paragraphs of thought from Deepak Chopra.

Go on be cynical, scoff at anything that smacks of religious fervor or reaching altered consciousness any other way than getting stoned on some kind of legal or illegal drug. It doesn’t matter it works for those who want it to work and it doesn’t cost you a cent. I’ve done both and the power of your own consciousness is far more awesome than anything artificial you can take. My life has changed by tapping into that strength, visualizing what you want and who you want to be. Then when the opportunity presents itself (and it always does) you are prepared to act even when you don’t realize you are. The trick is managing that. Once the thought and desire has materialized it needs to be managed properly or it will fade faster than stone wash blue jeans. So read on if you dare or click onto another topic. The choice in life is always yours.

eAdapted from Power, Freedom, and Grace by Deepak Chopra (Amber Allen, 2006)

In cosmic consciousness we are still in this world–-waking dreaming, and sleeping— and yet we are connected to our source in waking, dreaming and sleeping. Like a light at the door that shines inside the room and outside the room, we are in both places. When this happens, synchronicity, chance encounters and hidden clues increase. We start to understand the power of intention. We start to watch our internal dialogue, and we say, I know that how I speak to myself actually causes things to change in my physiology, in my world.

In cosmic consciousness, we find that relationship is the most important thing in life; everything in life is a confluence of relationships. We begin to see that everything is a balance between feminine and masculine energies, the yin and yang, and anytime there is more of one than theother, we are out of balance. Right now, we need to reawaken the feminine because the dominance of the masculine has led to belligerence, arrogance, and aggression, the very problems we see in the world right now.

In cosmic consciousness, we are aware that we are not the physical body, nor are we the mind and all the roles we play. We are the silent witness, and a sense of freedom and liberation comes out of this awareness. We are involved in our roles, and yet we are free at the same time. We recognize that after death our spirit will continue to play other roles,and we feel more ease. As we abide in cosmic consciousness and allow it to blossom, the universe plays itself through us, and the whole dance of life becomes effortless.

Read more: http://www.care2.com/greenliving/the -gifts-of-cosmic-consciousness.html#ixzz1MBEvlDnG

Happy Birthday Gustav Vigeland

Amidst all the terror and evil I think celebrating the man who designed the Nobel Peace Prize was appropriate. Positive thoughts about humanity during these times can be empowering and change behavior.

The Illustrators Journal

Gustav Vigeland sculptureI’ve included Gustav in the illustrator category because he designed the Nobel Peace Prize. However his work is outstanding and I am all about celebrating great artists…and I love sculpture.

Gustav Vigeland (11 April 1869 – 12 March 1943) was a Norwegian sculptor. Gustav Vigeland occupies a special position among Norwegian sculptors, both in the power of his creative imagination and in his productivity. He is most associated with Vigeland Sculpture Park (Vigelandsanlegget) in Oslo. He was also the designer of the Nobel Peace Prize medal.

Adolf Gustav Vigeland was born to a family of craftsmen, just outside Halse og Harkmark, a former municipality in Mandal. His parents were Elesæus Thorsen (1835–1886), a cabinetmaker and Anne Aanensdatter (1835–1907). His younger brother, Emanuel Vigeland, became a noted artist. As a youth, he was sent to Oslo where he learned wood carving at a local…

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I discovered this fantastic little studio while reaching out to other artists on Linkedin.. (A great source of networking BTW)

I traded emails with Angela Navarra who was kind enough to suggest some reps for me to call. The least I can do is publicize her work. so here goes…

Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 12.46.31 PMThey are a tiny design shop based in Northern NJ with a deep love of making clever, delightful products. The hard workers behind
the scene are Angela, Dominic & Lola the Cat. Since all three came
together in 2009 they knew it was the start of something grrrreat
(Tony the Tiger style)!

Meet the staff…

Angela Navarra, art director, doodler, and chief fancy-pants. She is also a freelance illustrator, designer, and hand-letterer under the name Signorina Navarra.

Dominic Tancredi, head developer, doodad maker, and hoodie enthusiast runs a web and mobile development Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 12.46.53 PMstudio with his twin brother Tom, called Dom & Tom.
And of course Lola the Cat,  the resident nap aficionado
& ginger-haired

They’d love to hear from you! Whether you would like to discuss
a project or just tell them how
aren’t as magical as everyone thinks they are – They are all ears!





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