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This is the digital home of the ‘Illustrators Journal’ (dot) com, a place where you can  see great art, photography and read insights of the proprietor for those interested in the art of illustration, animation and creative expression through narrative design.

I’m looking forward to keeping you updated on the art of illustration and my experience on the road to meeting my expectations and  goals for the future

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Alisha Volotsky: Glass artist


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On Sunday Havi and I and our two dogs Atticus and April Snow went out to see my friend Rhonda Kap-Volotsky and her husband Alisha. I didn’t know much about their work except that Rhonda works in metal and Alisha is a glass artist. When we drove up to their home we saw all sorts of artistic touches bordering a traditional style ranch house. As we drove into the driveway we could see their studio and the two artists puttering around the converted garage. WE unloaded the dogs and exchanged greetings. AS I looked around I saw more tools hanging on the wall than at the local Home depot. 32-Surf-Board-Detail-L

After a short get together which featured Turkish coffee and some dried orange peels and walnuts we were taken to the studio upstairs from the garage floor. Both artists works were featured. Rhonda’s organic and delicate copper work and Alisha’s beautiful, majestic sandblasted glass sculpture and furniture filled the space. It was most impressive. Both artists were warm and friendly and very humble. They’ve been attending art shows for years all over the country establishing their brand. Alisha’s work can be found at this link or http://youtu.be/LU-OleBkx10


The All New And Improved LevinLand Studio


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I've been doing quite a bit of work over the last year and it's been different. So much so that I had to redo my website. On my site now are not only illustration for kids but editorial, infographics and graphic art treatments spanning a few genres. Take a look see and contact me with any questions you might have.


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Ebola Exposed: How I surf the net and found something relevant


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e17679939e7bf20037b9d11a13fa9869I couldn’t sleep this morning so I got up and surfed the net and came to a site run by an illustrator named Olusola Akinseye who hails from Nigeria. Interested I look at his work and was struck by the cultural differences as well as the similarities to my work in the children’s area. As I probed further I found that Olusola had illustrated a presentation for Ebola Exposed! It is a free illustrated publication commissioned in the wake of the West Africa Ebola outbreak.

The goal of the booklet is to provide basic information about the Ebola Virus Disease using colorful cartoon illustrations. According to Olusola the initial awareness is cooling off but sadly there is still need for care and concern. So I’m passing this info along because it literally illustrates something important to everyone in a clever and inviting way. Check out the Eboloa Exposed

In addition check out Olusola’s art on Behance. Look art cuts across countries like a hot knife thru butter. The look might be different, the colors may take on different combinations and the content may be regional but the creativity behind the art is the same. We artists are all trying to use our visions to illustrate our point-of-view about the world around us. Check out this terrific piece of art below created by Olusola.1


Downtown Los Angeles: Walls of Art

Illustrators Journal:

The art of LA lives

Originally posted on The Illustrators Journal:

LA GRAFFIITI Today started out as a day I thought I’d be taking pictures of the Color Bomb Run at Elysian Park in Los Angeles. I left my house at 8:00 AM this morning and headed for Dodger stadium where the runners were supposed to gather. I got there quick.There wasn’t any traffic which had me confused but I ventured on. When I got to the stadium no one was there. I parked my car and walked around. (The full walk was around 2 miles which I figured could be an early morning workout) I finally approached some other confused people and asked if they knew where the run was. They didn’t know. I turned to my iPhone and the net to check if I had the place and day right. I did. Then I saw the same person I had asked before signaling me over to her car. “They cancelled it”…

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My Trip To The Zoo

Originally posted on The Illustrators Journal:

Yesterday I spend all day at the Los Angeles Zoo out in the Griffith Park area. I hadn’t been there in a while and I wanted to take pictures of the animals. Now I am not a big supporter of keeping animals in cages and some of the animal behavior I saw there seemed like depression or obsessive neurotic behavior but I’m no expert. I also have no idea how well the animals are treated so I am not pointing a finger at the zoo. In fact I thought it was laid out quite well. It seemed to me that the apes and chimps could get out if they wanted but they seem to lack the desire. But again I may be overestimating their abilities. Despite my upset at seeing these incredible creatures behind bars I appreciate that you could not see them any other way in Los Angeles.


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The Week In Digital Media Interview With Kathy Koller

Illustrators Journal:

A great interview from the archives. Take a few minutes and tune in

Originally posted on The Illustrators Journal:

Today at 3PM PST Host of “This Week In Digital Media” Lon Levin interviews Kathy Koller, writer and author of Chet The Architect: Shows You NYC Museum Mile.

The book is a wonderful companion for any cild or adult traveling in the city who wants to know more about the historic sites. Aside from being informative it is also an activity book for kids who can draw or color to their heart’s content while learning nifty facts about the museums around town.

Listen in at 3PM pst today to hear Kathy and Lon discuss this terrific project. “This Week In Digital Media” is a production of the Illustrators Journal and it’s parent company XanateMedia, strategists for the social media and digital communications space, with expertise in the nexus between art and its commercial applications. The company’s focus is health(care), health and wellness, action sports, e-publishing and entertainment verticals.

This link…

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Christmas Carol Illustrations We Like

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Christmas art we love

Originally posted on The Illustrators Journal:

artwork from R. Zemeckis movie The Journal loves great illustration and especially at this time of year, great Christmas illustrations. So here goes, a few, a very few great and iconic Christmas illustrations to celebrate this time of year. The first piece is a promotional illustration from the movie, “A Christmas Carol” by Robert Zemeckis. Though the movie got panned for lifeless dead eye animation, this piece of art works quite well as a singular piece of art. John Leech illustration from a Christmas Carol The second illustration is by John Leech and is a classic piece of artwork from the original book written by Charles Dickens in 1843. Most of the artwork is in Black and white with a few color plates. The images created in this book by Leech are iconic and have influenced every illustrator who ever created artwork for the book after him. illustrated by Brett Helquist A personal favorite of mine is Brett Helquist’s version of a Christmas Carol. The angular…

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